/ exploring the universe

/ Our story

/ The journey started there in 2015 as a programming school called ‘IGDS’, in the city of Sorocaba in São Paulo. At the time, the main mission was to impact people through education.

/ With the passage of time and the increased demand to develop games for companies, we started providing game and software development services.

/ In 2018, due to the growth of the school, we took an important step: the change of brand. What used to be ‘IGDS’ is now called Bitwise Technology.

/ And so we continue to this day, transforming ideas into real results and impacting people through technology.

/ the distance is no limit

Nossa equipe de desenvolvedores está espalhada pelo mundo. Através do método Follow The Sun, temos a vantagem geográfica ao nosso favor que nos permite desenvolver os projetos com agilidade, acelerando as entregas e potencializando a cobertura durante os processos.

our purpose is collaborate,
innovate and transform

We have qualified professionals and dedicated teams to understand your business challenge
and turn it into a successful product.

/ our mission

Helping our clients improve their market operations and performance with a smooth transition and rapid return
on investment to achieve long-term stability. For this, we work hard to train our teams and reinforce a culture with agile values.

/ what is like to work at bitwise?

Here our ‘wisers’ are our signature, culture and the reason our company exists.

/ be a wiser

Come be part of our history!